Top 10 insurance and fire insurance companies in Belgium 2023

Top 10 insurance and fire insurance companies in Belgium 2023

Top 10 insurance and fire insurance companies in Belgium 2023 The “Ethias” company is considered one of the best insurance companies in Belgium, as it has a lot of offers, and it has many branches all over Belgium.

Incorporation of the insurance company in Belgium Ethias:
The insurance company, Ethias, was founded on September 25, 1919 AD, and it celebrated its centenary last year. It has approximately 540 branches in all provinces of the Kingdom of Belgium.
It also has more than 1 million customers. Ethias is the fourth largest insurance company in Belgium. As you can see in the picture, customers of Ethias company, where in the past people only smiled at the camera, but this person in the picture seems to be the company’s first customer hahaha.

What does the insurance cover in the event of an accident in Belgium?
Medical, surgical and pharmaceutical treatment costs, including rehabilitation costs and compensation for the driver. Third party assistance in case of permanent disability. And damage to the car as well as material damage to other people. and physical damage to passengers in the vehicle.

If the driver dies, the Ethias company takes care of the funeral expenses and the economic and moral damage to his family, and this sometimes amounts to 1,500,000 euros.
Note: Ethias car insurance is intended for persons who legally reside in Belgium, drivers of a vehicle registered in Belgium and who hold a temporary or final driving licence.

What does driver insurance not cover:

  • Top 10 insurance and fire insurance companies in Belgium 2023 State of intoxication or alcohol intake of 1.5 grams or more at the time of the accident.
  • Participate in sprints or competitions.
  • Not having a driving license at the time of the accident.
  • The vehicle does not comply with the technical inspection regulations.
  • Now I will talk briefly about their offer in home fire insurance. They offer the first two months for free, and fire
  • insurance costs an apartment renter in Belgium €134.36 a year. The Ethias company is kind of expensive, but
  • the more you pay, the more services and privileges you get.

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